Renee Hentges
Scott Hennen

Cathy Haugen

Angela Malek

Karli Vanderputti

Katie Kluxdal

‚ÄčKrista Halvorson


  • Membership / Sponsorship - Tina Davis
  • Retail and Gambling
  • Alumni - Eric Kes
  • Communications
  • Fundraising - Dwayne Read

BOARD Members

Tina Davis
Chuck Cook
Karen Friary
Dawn Read
Rob Langheim
Eric Kes
Dwayne Read

Anne Pekarna-Wolf

mission & vision

The mission of the Jordan Booster Club is to support, encourage and advance the 7-12 activity programs of the Jordan School District and thereby cultivate wholesome school spirit, promote good sportsmanship and develop high ideals of character.


President - Tina Davis
Vice President - Rob Langheim
Treasurer - Dwayne Read
Secretary - Karen Friary